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Amanda Lewis: 5/5 Stars

     "This little book is a great springboard for starting conversations about financial independence and changing the stigma of small businesses at a young age. Short, easy to remember, rhyming phrases emphasize the importance of being your own boss and encourages young entrepreneurs to pursue their own dreams over someone else’s."

Taylor Juniel: 5/5 Stars

"Best children's book I have ever purchased for my nieces and nephews. I will be buying a few more and supplying different people with the resources."

Da'Onna Westbrooks: 5/5 Stars
     "This was the perfect book for my 6 year old to understand financial literacy. The activities In the back of the book were really helpful and had the kiddos wheels turning and asking really good questions on how he can make money to buy a PS5! Looking forward to more children based books for my son."